The CHA Board of Directors

The CHA Board meets monthly in addition to regular membership meetings and any committee meetings, and is instrumental in keeping operations rolling throughout the year. A description of roles and responsibilities can be found here.

Interested in joining the board? We’d love to hear from you. Don’t let the idea of being on a nonprofit board of directors intimidate you—our meetings are very relaxed, and we always need new input and ideas. We welcome board members from different age groups, backgrounds, and perspectives, with the common motivation of supporting our neighborhood. If you’re even a little bit interested in serving the community in this way, contact our President.

President | Vernon Plack
Treasurer | Kevin Price
Secretary | Brigid Godfrey
Director at Large | Morgan Guyer
Director at Large | Caroline Homan
Past President | Suzanne Lee
Vice-President | Lisa Vedernikova Khanna
Assistant Treasurer | Catherine Waite
Assistant Secretary | Jason Watts
Director at Large | Trish Bernal
Director at Large | Earl Andrews

Committee Chairs

Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee | David Herring
Parks and Beautification | Barbara Cotter
Holiday Events Committee | Vernon Plack
Life of Streets | Travis Hall
Membership | Ellen Jenkins
Fundraising and Grants | Trish Bernal
Viewshed Committee | Eugenia Anderson-Ellis
Community Outreach | John Bohm
Youth and Education | Mary Lorino