The CHA Board of Directors

A description of roles and responsibilities can be found here.

President | Vernon Plack
Treasurer | Kevin Price
Secretary | Brigid Godfrey
Director at Large | Morgan Guyer
Director at Large | Caroline Homan
Past President | Suzanne Lee
Vice-President | Lisa Vedernikova Khanna
Assistant Treasurer | Catherine Waite
Assistant Secretary | Jason Watts
Director at Large | Trish Bernal
Director at Large | Earl Andrews

Committee Chairs

Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee | David Herring
Parks and Beautification | Barbara Cotter
Holiday Events Committee | Vernon Plack
Life of Streets | Travis Hall
Membership | Ellen Jenkins
Fundraising and Grants | Trish Bernal
Viewshed Committee | Eugenia Anderson-Ellis
Community Outreach | John Bohm
Youth and Education | Mary Lorino