Much of the work of the CHA occurs within our committees. If you’re interested in getting involved, please contact the Chair or attend a meeting.

Community Outreach

Our neighborhood is filled with many amazing businesses and people who make our area unique. The Community Outreach Committee plugs into ongoing activities in the neighborhood, keeps up-to-date with new and existing businesses in the area, and stays in touch with neighbors working to make the neighborhood great. Utilizing social media, our newsletter, and even meeting presentations to keep our membership updated, the Community Outreach committee is a great place to be if you want to explore and promote the neighborhood. Photo by Tess Dixon.

Download the charter: CHA-Community-Outreach-Charter

Fundraising and Grants

Our fundraising committee works to raise money to support our mission. We’re always looking for help and creative ideas in this effort. Each year the CHA of RVA’s membership approve annual and special cause donations that are consistent with our 501(c)3 obligations, and align with our principals of giving. To find out more, apply for a grant below.

Historic Preservation and Land Use

The purpose of the Historic Preservation and Land Use committee is to be a steward of the neighborhood’s historic resources and land use priorities. The committee will also educate, advocate, and advise the board and membership in these areas. The committee serves as a conduit for members, neighbors, and city agencies on these and related matters. The committee convenes monthly and welcomes your involvement. Photo by 100 word minimum.

Download the full charter: CHA-of-RVA-Historic-Preservation-and-Land-Use-Committee-Charter


The purpose of the committee is to plan, facilitate, oversee, and collaborate with other entities to produce events sponsored by the Church Hill Association. These events—such as Community Picnics, School supply drives, the Candlelight Walk, the Holiday House Tour, Spring Fest & Market, etc.—are designed to build and preserve the community spirit, diversity, cohesiveness, and public image of Church Hill. In some cases, the events will raise funds to support local charities which improve quality of life for all Church Hill citizens. Photo by Patricia Munford.

Life of Streets

The purpose of the committee is to address issues related to safety, convenience, and aesthetics of moving people in and around the Church Hill community. Topics under the committee’s purview include, but are not limited to: public transit, parking, parking enforcement, sidewalks, crosswalks, staircases, traffic, rapid transit, and street improvements. Photo by Mary Lorino.

Download the full charter: CHA-Transportation-Committee-Guidelines

Parks and Beautification

The purpose of this committee is to provide support to Church Hill parks and to projects that enhance the beauty of our neighborhood. This may be done by such means as fundraising and logistical or manpower support. The committee should be a point of contact for concerns in these areas as well as a bridge to organizations representing the major greater Church Hill area parks. The committee should maintain a good working relationship with appropriate city agencies and officials. Photo by Patricia Munford.

Download the full charter: CHA-of-RVA-Parks-and-Beautification-Committee-Charter


Although the Viewshed Committee is currently on pause, the primary motivation behind this group was the preservation of the sweeping views of the James River, as seen from Libby Hill Park. This goal has been achieved through major publicity efforts, unique conservation easements and ambitious plans for sustainable use of the James river done with local, statewide and national resources, all of whom recognize the unique historic and scenic value of our treasured viewshed. Working with a legion of preservation and scenic organizations was critical to our success. Photo by Patricia Munford.

Download the full charter: CHA-Viewshed-Advocacy-Committee-Charter

Newsletter Team

The newsletter team is responsible for all things newsletter. You may have seen an edition in one of the many great businesses in the area, or even on your doorstep! The newsletter exists to keep our neighbors up to date with our own ongoing events, community stories, and articles submitted by you all that highlight personal interest and important happenings around the area. We are always looking for more members of the team to keep the publication great and up-to-date with what the community wants to see from it.

We are currently looking for writers and a lead editor! Please reach out to us if you’re interested.

Youth and Education

The purpose of the CHA Youth and Education committee is to help ensure Church Hill is a neighborhood where all children can safely play, learn, work, and thrive both at school and in neighborhood settings. The Committee will actively work with city and school leaders, and other community members to champion and support our schools so as to achieve and maintain academic excellence and support the community serving Church Hill youth.

Download the full charter: CHA-Youth-and-Education-CharterWe’re currently in need of committee members!