Libby Terrace Circle – Median & Viewshed Garden Planting

The Church Hill Association invites you to support the improvement of the circle at the intersection of Libby Terrace and N. 29th Street, as well as the Viewshed Garden along Libby Terrace within Libby Hill Park.

When the monument’s column was removed, the City installed temporary plantings in the roundabout median “until a permanent plan” could be made. After three and a half years, the CHA’s Parks & Beautification Committee, in concert with the City, has worked with Capital Trees to develop a landscape plan to enhance the roundabout. The focal point of the planting will be a single large tree in the center of the roundabout, surrounded by a variety of other plants to bring visual interest throughout all four seasons.

In addition, Capital Trees created plans for improving the two entry-level sections of the Viewshed Garden along Libby Terrace (near the “The View That Named The City” sign), including adding flowers, winterberries, and evergreen shrubs.

See more details: Plant Selections – Circle Median and Plant Selections – Viewshed Garden

Estimated Cost of Plants
1 Tree (15 gallon size) $125
12 Shrubs (3 gallon size, $24 each) $288
12 Panicum (3 gallon size, $18 each) $216
36 Coreopsis (1 gallon size, $8 each) $288
20 Aster (1 gallon size, $8.50 each) $170
9 Solidago ($8 each) $72
Phlox or Nepeta (Suggest plugs, $90 for a 50-plug flat) $90
Viewshed garden plants (various) $1000
Estimated Total Cost $2249

Project Status

Donation goal: $2,249
Collected: 100% as of May 2024

We are excited to announce that we have been awarded a grant of $5000.00 from the Richmond Outdoor and Prosperity fund. This will allow us not only to replant the roundabout on Libby Hill Park and the two entry level beds, but also the rest of the beds. Any leftover funds will be used to mulch the beds and possibly to plant some shade trees along the Libby Hill Stairs and viewshed. We will be working on putting in Perennials this spring/summer and then bushes this fall.

We are also working with the Daffodil society to plant the roundabout and entry beds with lots of Daffodils for a stunning spring show. Planting dates are being coordinated with Richmond Parks and Recreation and we will be sending out notifications for volunteers once this is set.

Thank you all for your generosity and for supporting this project.