Libby Terrace Circle – Median Planting

The Church Hill Association invites you to support the improvement of the circle at the intersection of Libby Terrace and N. 29th Street.

When the monument’s column was removed, the City installed temporary plantings in the roundabout median “until a permanent plan” could be made. After three and a half years, the CHA’s Parks & Beautification Committee, in concert with the City, has worked with Capital Trees to develop a landscape plan to enhance the roundabout.

The focal point of the planting will be a single large tree in the center of the roundabout, surrounded by a variety of other plants to bring visual interest throughout all four seasons.

See more details: Plant Selections

Estimated Cost of Plants
1 Tree (15 gallon size) $125
12 Shrubs (3 gallon size, $24 each) $288
12 Panicum (3 gallon size, $18 each) $216
36 Coreopsis (1 gallon size, $8 each) $288
20 Aster (1 gallon size, $8.50 each) $170
9 Solidago ($8 each) $72
Phlox or Nepeta (Suggest plugs, $90 for a 50-plug flat) $90
Estimated Total Cost $1249