Historic Places

Historic Places

Richmond is an urban city running along the banks of the James River, and our neighborhood is where Richmond began in 1733. Much has changed since then, but what remains is our historic residential neighborhood where the architecture of our homes and churches is splendid, and our tree-lined streets change with each season. Spring we are in bloom, re-enactors in Colonial dress can be seen near St. John’s Church in summer and for special events, the streets are lined with gold during the fall foliage season, and carolers and horse-drawn carriages appear on cobble-stone streets in winter during our Holiday House Tour.

Historic places, a National Park, and the echo of famous footsteps of people like Patrick Henry and even George Washington are all found here, within our quiet residential neighborhood.

St. Johns

Completed in 1741, the church became central to the American Revolution. Over 100 Virginia colonial leaders, including Patrick Henry, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson, met here in March, 1775, to avoid the wrath of the Royal Governor Lord Dunmore in Williamsburg. Patrick Henry delivered his famous “Give me liberty or give me death!” speech inside the church on March 23, 1775. Today, the church offers guided tours. Every Sunday during the summer months, actors portray ten delegates, including Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington in an historical reenactments of the Second Virginia Convention that included the famous speech. http://www.historicstjohnschurch.org/

Richmond National Battlefield

The area known by locals as Chimborazo Park, or simply “Chimbo Park,” encompasses both a city park and a national park. The national park commemorates the Civil War hospital once located there. The hospital was one of the largest and best equipped hospitals of the Confederacy. Today the small National Park houses a museum detailing the history of the hospital, other area Civil War hospitals, and the practice of medicine during the 1860’s.

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