Parks & Recreation

Parks & Recreation

Church Hill has a plethora of gorgeous gardens and parks. Picnic spots, garden plots to rent, areas for festivals, beautiful vistas, and areas to play with children and dogs are scattered all over our neighborhood. A few of our best are listed below.




Chimborazo Park

Around the grounds of the Richmond National Battlefield is the city’s Chimborazo Park. The city park boasts a 180 degree view of the city. It includes a 1950s replica of the Statue of Liberty, one of 39 erected by the Boy Scouts of America. Chimborazo Playground, located one block west from the park, is newly renovated and includes a community garden, and petanque, tennis and basketball courts. For information on the petanque league, Les Boulesfrogs, visit their website.  The park house on the eastern edge can be rented for small meetings or events.

Church Hill Dog Park

The popular Church Hill Dog Park is located on the eastern lower terrace of the park. It includes an area for large dogs, and one for small dogs. More information for you and your furry friends can be found here.

Libby Hill Park

Located at 28th and East Franklin Streets, this park was one of three original parks in Richmond’s park system. The view from Libby Hill Park is said to so closely resemble the view of Richmond on the Thames in England, that it gave the city of Richmond its name. The park also includes the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument erected in 1894.

Reed Square

Reed Square is one of the last undeveloped pieces of property in the immediate area, and is preserved as a memorial to Church Hill’s principal benefactors. The small park is preserved from any structural or residential development on the property. It adjoins one of the oldest and most historic homes in the neighborhood, with streets of cobblestone. The square is maintained by the Reed Square Foundation  and may be reserved for general public or private functions.

Tricycle Gardens

Tricycle Gardens is a grassroots, environmental nonprofit organization focused on bringing agriculture, nutrition education and healthy food access to the urban core of Richmond, Virginia. Founded in 2002 by three architects living in Church Hill who believed community gardens, and the simple act of growing food, were the fastest ways to transform the overall health of their community – both for the residents and the environment. Tricycle Gardens areas in and around Church Hill include gardens and a farm stand location.

Patrick Henry Park

Across from St. John’s Historic Church, at the corner of Broad and 25th streets is this small and charming park. It is dedicated to the famous Patrick Henry who gave his “Liberty or Death” speech in the church in 1775. Each year, the Irish Festival is held in and around this park.

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