Through our CHA we are focused on constantly monitoring and improving the safety and security for our residents. Living here means being close to emergency facilities, and we work with local police and citizens as well. We care about our neighbors, so we simply watch out for one another.

Crime Watch

The Church Hill Crime Watch program is a neighborhood watch program. Citizens report all crimes or suspicious activity to 911 first and then to the Crime Watch. Our Crime Watch then works with the First Precinct to verify the information is accurate. We then use both a phone and email notification system to send a single message to those on our list about the reported incident or issue. Anyone in Church Hill and the surrounding neighborhoods may have their phone or email added to our notification system. All information is kept confidential and will only be used to relay the latest crime prevention information to you. There are no dues. Contact the Crime Watch coordinator representative listed on our contact us page.

Safety and Health Resources

In Church Hill we have the advantage of having many police offers who not only work in our area, but who live here as well. VCU Medical Center is within waking distance, as are Vernon J. Harris Medical Center and Bon Secours. The local fire station is on 24th Street, right in the heart of our neighborhood. The First Precinct and our fire chief update us on crimes and precautions at our CHA meetings. Our CHA is also in communication with these resources as issues or concerns arise.

If you have a true emergency, please dial 911.

For all other related issues, see our contact page or our city links page for information.

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