Living in well-established, beautiful neighborhood like Church Hill means having a number of amenities within walking distance of our homes, like green-spaces, schools and more. Because we are also a part of Richmond City, we have the services of an urban neighborhood you would expect.



Area Businesses

Church Hill has many restaurants, retailers and service providers who work here. Click here for a listing of area businesses.


While St. John’s Episcopal was the location of the first church in our neighborhood, there are many places to congregate and worship here. Each church offers a variety of services, groups and neighborhood support programs. Please contact them directly for details.

  • Asbury Church Hill United Methodist Church
  • 324 N. 29th Street
  • (804) 648-6690
  • Cedar Street Memorial Baptist
  • 2301 Cedar Street
  • (804) 648-8919
  • Thirty First Street Baptist
  • (804) 226-0150
  • Masjid Bilal & Sister Clara Muhammad School
  • 400 Chimborazo Blvd.
  • (804) 222-9825

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A branch of the Richmond Public Library is located at 1200 N. 25th Street

Park & Recreation

Green-space provides beautiful vistas, friendly areas to congregate, and helps reduce crime. We take great pride in our parks–for people and pets. Visit our Parks & Recreation page for where to play.


Streets, leaves, recycling

We proudly recycle and like to keep our neighborhood clean. Find your trash and recycling pick-up times here:

The Central Virginia Waste Management Association implements curbside recycling programs. You can also sign up for an email notification regarding recycling pick up here:

Other city amenities and maintenance assistance contacts are listed here:

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