Our CHA of RVA was established in order to have a positive impact on our citizens, our infrastructure and our environment. While we do like to have fun through events, meetings and picnics, our organization of volunteers does important, beneficial work for the community.


Block Liaison

Like the old-fashioned welcoming committees, our Block Liaison program encourages a coordinator for each block to welcome in new neighbors, provide one point of contact for issues or concerns with regard to safety and other matters. For more information, contact the Block Liaison coordinator listed on our contact us page.


Community Donations

In addition to our own initiatives, each year the CHA of RVA contributes resources and funding to organizations and community programs that are also striving to help develop a stable, desirable urban neighborhood. To request donations, and for more information, please submit our application for donation.


Planters Society

Church Hill is brimming with parks, green spaces, and tree-lined historic streets. Porches and small yards change foliage with the seasons. Our Planters Society is a volunteer group of experienced green-thumbs and newer sprouts all striving to make Church Hill even more environmentally-friendly. They host garden tours and contests, mulching days at Libby Hill Park, tree-planting in coordination with the city, and more. We are lush because we work together. Dig in! To volunteer, or to donate equipment or funds, please contact the Planters Society coordinator listed on our contact us page.


School Liaison

Bellevue and Chimborazo elementary schools are right here in Church Hill. The CHA of RVA is dedicated to supporting the children who we hope will one day become future residents. This program enables everyday residents to volunteer in classrooms, become student mentors, participate in job-share and special events, or even help beautify the areas around the schools. To help us along, please contact the Schools Liaison coordinator listed on our contact us page.


Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee (Former Zoning Committee)

Throughout each stage of growth in our neighborhood, the Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee serves as an integral research and advisory arm for our CHA of RVA. We are here to assist and advise homeowners and businesses about zoning, land-use issues, permits and more. We strive to ensure we have good and beneficial growth that is in keeping with our historic designation, while hopefully making the process easier for newcomers. Our meetings are open to the membership, so please visit the homepage for dates, times and locations. For information regarding topics or issues for Zoning review, please contact the Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee Historic Preservation and Land Use Committee Chairperson listed on our contact us page.



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